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It’s time again for 24 Frames in May. The challenge is to shoot 24 pictures using film. Back to basics, if you will. This year’s tools are a Seagull TLR and 2 old rolls of 120mm Ilford Delta 100.

The series begins and ends in the same place. A dilapidated amusement park of sorts in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The ferris wheel is an old friend, I am drawn to it and every time I shoot it, it looks different. A vomit generator that feels like it’s going to collapse any moment. The ticket booth with egg cartons full of eggs. Maybe a promotion is in the air. A communist merry go round train and the battery that powers it. Finally, a place to enjoy your fried whatevers.

The forested road that leads you to the north gate of the city of Angkor Thom. A school library in the middle of the countryside. A shelter in the rice bowl of Cambodia and the water that feeds it. No place to hide, because the clouds can see all.

An eye to an uncertain future, alone or with friends. Lets not forget those that make the daily gears turn.

The dying tradition of handprinted signs and one that makes you go “huh?” A 1UP of fruit and childhood memories of birthdays and games.

The negatives are scanned in color mode which adds a sepia tone to them, otherwise they are untouched and wild.