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RelaxOn Boutique Villa Hotel

A boutique hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

June Portraits

I've been shooting and developing more film lately. Here are some portraits from this past couple of months. Agfa APX 100 and Delta 100.

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His own worst critic.

Phare performed their first show under their new tent tonight. I was walking around backstage in the dark when I came across Samnang practicing his expressions. Pure candid moment. Tchamlaek, Phare The Cambodian Circus, Siem Reap,...

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Tchamlaek – Behind the Curtain

Tchamlaek means "weird" in Khmer. A man traumatized by war and his family that is collectively missing a few screws visit a seer. What comes next will leave you laughing as you cheer them on to happiness. Tchamlaek is the newest show to open in Siem Reap by Phare, the...

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Kun Khmer (Khmer Boxing)

Kun Khmer (Khmer Boxing) aficionados now have a new hangout Wednesday nights starting at 5pm. March 20th was the opening of the CTN Angkor Arena in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Finally, boxing comes to town brought to you by Paddy Carson and CTN. The arena is located on...

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It was a dark night… A perfect night for passion and secret deeds. It was also the perfect night to be UNWRAP!ped. Seng Vah, Srey Nuch and Srey Nith owned the night and wowed their assembled followers. Rising from slumber like a rising sun they shone brighter and...

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The Bambu Stretch Project UNWRAP!

3 3 women. 3 stunning women. 3 stunning classically trained Cambodian dancers. Ready to blow your mind. All you need to bring is yourself and a few friends. Come watch Seng Vah, Srey Nuch and Srey Nith redefine Cambodian dance and usher a new era of...

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