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Blossom Cafe

Blossom Cafe

On a corner across from the Siem Reap Regional Eye Hospital is a small, unassuming shop.

Blossom Cafe.

Walk in, and you are greeted by friendly staff in a nice, modern and clean cafe. Relaxing chairs and cushions invite you to sit for a while. The light blue, red and brown colors adorning the bright room let you know this isn’t a place to be serious. However, this isn’t why people come here. This is…
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Blossom Cafe specializes in ridiculously yummy cupcakes. “Too beautiful to eat… To delicious to resist…” In the large display cooler, like a siren’s call, a large variety of flavors tempts all walks of life to come in and fall in love.

And fall in love you will.

Copyright 2014 Jorge Rodriguez Santos Don’t expect a long term, stable relationship however. Instead, be ready for a torrid love affair that will leave your taste buds in a state of ecstasy, enjoying that perfect honeymoon where nothing can go wrong, making you want more and more. Then, just when you are ready for a lifetime commitment…

A new love waltzes in.

A new month brings new flavors so you can fall in love all over again. What Wonka style magic happens backstage will remain a secret, but rest assured, they know what they are doing.

Recently, I had the chance to ask general manager Melissa Stock a few questions about Blossom Cafe.

What is Blossom Cafe’s long term goal?

To be a sustainable business in Siem Reap the way that our sister cafe, Bloom, is in Phnom Penh. We will continue to train, employ, and empower Cambodian women in the art of hospitality, baking and sugar artist skills.

Why cupcakes?

The director of the NGO owned a cake business in Australia. It was a natural fit and there was nothing like it in Cambodia.

Blossom Cafe has many different flavors of cupcakes. What is the most unique flavor you have created?

Copyright 2014 Jorge Rodriguez Santos Passionfruit Friand with Raspberry Cream Cheese frosting.

Which cupcake is the crowd favorite?

Copyright 2014 Jorge Rodriguez SantosJRS - Blossom Story 5
Chocolate Hazelnut Sachertorte and Red Velvet

Sugar art.
Are the designs original? How does an idea end up as sugar art?

Our sugar artists can copy real handbags, flowers, or cartoons and turn them into sugar art! They can look at a shoe and copy that design with sugar art! We take photographs or ideas and sketch them out for the sugar artists to work with and have many tools to create different textures, effects and shapes!

Can you turn a customer into sugar art?

We can take special requests- hair color, eye color, favorite outfit, skin color- and use all of these things to create a figurine on a cake! They can be on a moto, in a car, playing a keyboard or guitar. . . the list goes on! Bring in an idea and we’ll work on a wonderful custom order with you!

Blossom Cafe also makes cakes. What kinds of cakes? Are they custom orders or pre made?

Copyright 2014 Jorge Rodriguez Santos We take custom orders with advance notice and we have signature cakes that are usually available on that same day as they are ordered. We have several different styles to pick from and four different flavors to choose from. — Blossom Cafe is open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm.

Blossom Cafe.


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January 20, 2014