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Graines de Cambodge by Rany Som

Graines de Cambodge by Rany Som

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Graines de Cambodge by Rany Som.

Siem Reap based designer Rany Som is the mind behind Graines de Cambodge, not an agricultural collective, but one of Cambodia’s most innovative boutiques. All of Graines de Cambodge’s products are made from twenty to thirty different kinds of seeds found in Cambodia and Thailand.

Rany started her business upon returning to Cambodia after four years in India, where she ran a restaurant and a clothing boutique. After two months perfecting her manufacturing technique, she opened her business at her parents house. Her first sale was at a birthday party. In 2011, she expanded and moved the business to its own place and opened her first showroom.

Necklaces, bracelets and rings, all handmade from natural materials, are designed by Rany and made by her or under her supervision by her staff. She is concerned about the current situation in Cambodia, which does not offer good professional options for women so she has an all female staff.

Rany has several lines of jewelry and accessories at her boutique and at select shops around Siem Reap, Cambodia. She can create exclusive pieces on request. Her site is here.


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November 3, 2012