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Srey Nao – Tokkae Designs

One has to wonder what Srey Nao Thorn’s theme song would be. Upon meeting the smiling, giggly 20 year old, something along the lines of bubblegum pop comes to mind, and just as quickly, that thought is dashed from your mind. It’s not like she’s the weekly hit that is easily forgotten.

Her song would be “Eye Of The Tiger.”

Siem Reap’s newest jewelry designer is a brass pounding, bokator punching firebrand. She did rise from the streets and suffer heartbreak. She also took to heart the lessons from those that helped her and now she is poised to launch herself into a bright future.

Srey Nao just launched her own brand of jewelry called “Tokkae Designs.” Tokkae in honor of the Green Gecko Project that has played an immense part in her life. Specializing in brass jewelry after an apprenticeship under Madeline Green of Ammo Jewelry, Srey Nao designs and makes her own original pieces.

In her own words…

About the future.

“I want to be an artist and a designer with my own jewelry shop. I also want everybody to wear my jewelry.”

On creating.

“Before I started making jewelry, I didn’t wear much jewelry. I was interested in art and Maddy and Tania, Green Gecko co-founder, helped me see how jewelry can be art. Now, I enjoy creating and making new designs.”


“At first, I didn’t like the design process. I found it difficult to translate my ideas to jewelry until Maddy showed me how and now I have lots of fun with it. For inspiration I look at other jewelry styles and think how I can make them unique and pretty.”

Tokkae Designs jewelry can be found at the Ammo Jewelry stall at the Shinta Mani Made in Cambodia Market. In the footsteps of those who taught her, Srey Nao donates part of the proceeds of her sales to Gecko Action, Green Gecko’s humanitarian youth group.

Tokkae Designs

Ammo Jewelry

Gecko Action