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When Giants Roamed The Streets.

Giant Puppet Parade 2016, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
When giants roamed the streets… A phrase that might inspire shock and awe. In Siem Reap, there is no need for the former but definitely a time for the latter. February 6, 2016 was the culmination of weeks of hard work. The puppets took shape at Wat Damnak where children and staff raced to design, build and finish the puppets before the Saturday parade.
On the day of the parade, the puppets are shuttled across the river and last minute repairs made.
The energy is turned to 11. The puppets come to life, their crews howling in delight. No evil is seen, spoken or heard as the monkeys clear the way and the organism that is the parade heads off, sucking in more and more spectators as it inches across Siem Reap.
3 monkeys.
Leading off.
Lead Dancer.
Weaver Ant.
Monitor Lizard
The Mob